About Us & From Artists
  • "...I won't wait till the next Earth Week to visit a 9Thirty Theater Company production."

    – Peter Filichia, Theater Mania

  • "...9Thirty Theater Company is making great strides in fixing this gross oversight [of environmental issues in the arts] through their unbelievable determination to inspire and solve. In the upcoming decades, the arts world will be forced to change drastically and it is the small, resolute theaters like 9Thirty that will be leading the way."

    – Bailey Williams, Playwright of The 10 Billionth Baby

  • "...[I wanted] a play that could happen anywhere, using anything: a piece that would take the shape of the environment it was in. In the spirit of that idea, everything used in the performing of Collapse was found in the space and will be left in the space when we are gone."

    – Sarah H. Haught, Director & Playwright of Collapse

  • "...I have celebrated 39 years of Earth Days, making soap, using the comics to wrap presents, harvesting gardens, drying herbs, reusing, recycling and reinvesting. My partnership with 9Thirty Theatre Company feels like coming home..."

    – Barbara Kingsley, Playwright of Living in the Blue Zone

  • “Collaborating with the 9Thirty Theater Company was indeed a very enriching experience...I became conscious of 'sustainable design' and was introduced to the concept of 'eco-theater.' I was impressed by the vigilance of the founders, who constantly ensured all of the people working in the production were charging forward with every effort to be as 'green' as possible. I have left more aware of my consuming habits and promise to be more eco- conscious.”

    —Elaine Lim, Costume Designer for Mr. Sasquatch Goes to Washington & The 10 Billionth Baby

  • "With the cost of living so high...it can be difficult...to devote much time to anything other than working to pay the litany of costs someone needs to survive (rent, electricity, food, clothing, transportation, etc.). That is especially true if someone would like to devote their time to focus on an idea or ideal they are passionate about, but does not make their living by it...

    – Jesse Patch, Director of Living in the Blue Zone