Our Responsibility

“Sustainability, eco-friendly, organic, and green are not just buzz words. They are a transformation of our modern life. Sustainability is the next step as the human footprint has expanded beyond our world’s ability to support us. We at 9TTC understand this and acknowledge that we must take responsibility; it’s time to act. As artists we consume thousands of products and it is our job to ensure that what we expend makes the least impact possible.”

– Jeff Burroughs, Founding Artistic Director

What We Do

Ecological Programming

Each season celebrates an ecological theme and frames our programmatic work for the year.

Our work is produced in a sustainable manner by artists who have experience working with earth-friendly materials. When necessary, we take the time to educate designers and artists about newfound ways to create environmentally responsible art. Many designers in New York City have never utilized found materials wharehouses, such as Materials for the Arts, which provides non-profits with recycled materials (paints, wood, fabrics, etc.) that have been donated or recovered from landfills and dumpsters. By introducing our artists to resources such as Material for the Arts, Craiglist, Freecycle and local "trash" facilities, we ensure that materials used for our productions are reused or repurposed.

9TTC produces works in outdoor, found or abandoned spaces to create a theater experience that is also educational; patrons learn how to present art without massive energy and materials use. We applaud arts organizations with the financial resources to build their own LEED certified arts facilities. However, we firmly believe that there's nothing greener than repurposing an old space for cultural and educational interaction.

We aim to share resources and performing space with like-minded artists, organizations and corporations, building a community of Americans dedicated to limited expenditure of new resources.


At 9TTC, we understand that auto transit contributes harmful carbon emissions that pollute our air and aid ozone layer depletion. In an effort to combat global warming and repair our city's atmosphere, staff and artists walk, bike, and rely on rail transportation for travel needs. We encourage our patrons to use mass transit to our events. Also we offset carbon emitted from the transport of any of our artists residing outside the New York region.